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Our Methodology

  • Phase I – Defining the position and understanding its environment

    This process is essential to the success of the assignment, as is enables us to plan our research with a thorough understanding of (1) the company’s structure, objectives, philosophy and competitors. (2) the position – specific responsibilities, (3) the candidate profile and expected compensation. This information is summarized in a position description document approved by the client and presented to potential interested candidates.

  • Phase II – Identification of target companies, and market intelligence

    By internal and external survey, we determine which people qualify for the position concerned. Its own candidate database is consulted, but not only.

  • Phase III – Interviews and assessment of candidates

    After a number of possible candidates have been identified, we interview them in order to find out whether the candidates meet the requirements of the position. The Client receives regular progress reports orally and/or in writing.

  • Phase IV – Presentation of selected candidates to the client

    We will prepare a Confidential Candidate Report on the candidates, who are eventually brought into contact with the Client. This Report concerns personal and professional information on the candidate, as well as an evaluation of the candidate for the particular position.

  • Phase V – Assistance with the final selection of candidates

    We introduce our Client to the short-listed candidates selected during the previous phase and assist in the interview stage as well as in the final negotiation with the one chosen.

  • Phase VI – Reference checking

    We take detailed professional references on the career and personality of the final candidates from sources and information legally obtained, whether they originate from the candidates or other sources.

  • Phase VII – Follow-up process

    A few weeks after the search has been completed, we contact all parties involved in the search process. After 6-12 months, the hired candidate and the Client are interviewed.


Keeping you informed about the progress updates of the project is part of our service.

Regular “Progress Reports”

The Progress Report and the information contained in it are confidential. It is intended for use only in connection with the specific job position which is the subject of the specific search assignment given by the Client to Profesionisti Recruitment Agency. This Progress Report contains information listed below:

Considering the timing frame, the “Progress Report” will be delivered to you in a period of two weeks (means that we are delivering two “Progress Reports”).

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During the assignment, the Client's identity is treated with discretion. All mail and invoices will be marked as "Private and Confidential". We aim to establish professional relationships with our Client and Candidates based on mutual trust and confidentiality.

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02Relevant Information

In the course of the assignment, we provide the Client with all relevant information gathered during our search and expect this information to be treated with discretion, confidentiality and only for specific use in the fulfillment of the assignment.

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By the same token we expect that our Client will entrust us with any information of significance that may be pertinent and/or affect the search.

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